Flower Frames

Flower Frame: Display your memories in a unique and beautiful way. Read more about our flower frame here.

Flower Frames For Your Home

Absolutely! Flower frames are a great way to add an elegant and unique touch to your home. A flower frame can be hung anywhere in the house, from the living room or bedroom wall, to over doorways or mantles. Wherever you choose to hang it, a flower frame will be sure to bring life and color into any space.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to where you can hang a flower frame. It is great for above doorways, mantles, and walls. You could even hang multiple frames together in a pattern or staggered sequence along the wall. Wherever you decide to hang your flower frame, it will be sure to make an eye-catching decoration that adds beauty and interest to any room.

Create a welcoming and beautiful atmosphere using flower frames. Whether you choose to hang them in your living room, bedroom, hallway, or kitchen - a flower frame is the perfect way to show off your favorite memories and bring life into any space. Add a unique touch of beauty to your home with one of our stunning flower frames!

When it comes to preserved flowers for use in flower frames, there is a large variety of colors and species available on the market today. Popular varieties include lavender buds, rose petals, hydrangea petals and pansy petals. Each type offers its own unique setting that can easily set off any home’s interior design aesthetic. For a truly special frame, opt for a combination of two or more colors to create a colorful and eye-catching display. No matter what kind of preserved flower you choose, it’s sure to bring life and beauty into your home.

Apart from the obvious aesthetic appeal, flower frames offer plenty of other advantages. Firstly, they’re incredibly easy to install and maintain—all you need is some floral foam or wire mesh on which to place your chosen blooms and some ribbon or string with which to hang them up.

Additionally, dried flowers can last for years without needing any special care or maintenance—unlike fresh flowers that have limited shelf lives—so you can enjoy their beauty for years to come. Finally, flower frames are eco-friendly, as they use flowers that have been preserved without the need for pesticides or other treatments. So why not add a unique and beautiful touch to your home with a flower frame? Whether you choose one species or mix several colors together, it’s sure to bring life and color into any space. Hang it on the wall in your living room, over doorways or mantles—wherever you choose, you can be sure of an eye-catching display that you’ll enjoy for many years to come!

Flower Frames as a Gift

Flower frames make an excellent gift for any occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to graduations and housewarmings. The beauty of a flower frame is that you can customize it with a variety of preserved flowers in different colors, giving the recipient something truly special to admire. Plus, since dried flowers last for years without needing any care or maintenance, the receiver will be able to enjoy the beauty of their flower frame for years to come!

There’s no shortage of creative ways to present someone with a flower frame. For example, you could wrap it up like an ordinary gift and tie it with ribbon or string. Or you could hang the frame on a wall in their home and give them a surprise when they come back. Another option is to add some of their favorite blooms, such as roses or tulips, to the frame and present it as part of a larger bouquet. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that your gift will be unique and extra special—just like them! So why not surprise someone with a flower frame today?

Flower Frames Singapore

We have a wide selection of flower frames available at our shop in Singapore. Our collection are crafted from the highest quality materials. If you are looking to surprise a loved one with a memorable gift, try giving them one of our unique flower frames. We have designs and colors to match any style or occasion. Ana Hana Flower is a perfect place to shop for fresh flowers, floral accessories and flower frames in Singapore. We create stunning floral bouquets for every occasion. Celebrate a friend's birthday or family member's housewarming with an Omakase bouquet, or even stylish preserved flowers. Our customised designs will be sure to brighten any home or event. Visit us today and take your pick from a variety of floral decorations that are sure to make an impression.


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